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5 Reasons Care Packages Are Making A Comeback

5 Reasons Care Packages Are Making A Comeback

In these times when we’re spending a lot more time at home and removed from the ones we love -- physically, at least -- it’s easy, if not welcomed, to seek comfort in simpler things. The joy of long walks, bike rides, reading books -- and finding new ways to remain connected with friends and family. 

Speaking of which, remember the old school care packages? And more importantly, the warm and fuzzy feelings you felt when opening them?  Well, as Refinery 29 so eloquently put it: “Amidst the rediscoveries we've made during our adjustments to socially distant living (matching sweatsuits, puzzles, wine subscriptions), there's one that feels particularly comforting above all the rest: care packages.”

That’s right, care packages are back. And people are re-embracing them on a whole new level. And why wouldn't they? Hand-packed boxes filled to the brim with goodies like fresh food, thoughtful gifts, handwritten notes -- all of which serve a double purpose: to be emotionally present for the people in your lives even when you can’t be present AND provide a gift that actually serves a useful purpose. 

Because let’s be honest, sending flowers or edible fruit arrangements just aren’t cutting it (in these times, or all times honestly). And when you think about how many more smiles and “oh my gosh, I can’t believe he/she remembered this!”, it’s amazing it took this long for care packages to get back in the spotlight. 

Perhaps it did take a global pandemic and subsequent social distancing for us to remember how to embrace these warm and fuzzy feelings; ultimately making the old new again. But, hey, we’ll take all the silver linings we can get. 

Here are the 5 reasons that the care package comeback is hardly a flash in the pan. 

  • Nostalgia Never Gets Old 
  • Inarguably, the best part of a care package is they bring you back to “camp days”; this term is a general catch-all for all the care packages stuffed with homemade cookies, crafts, framed pics sent by everyone from your grandmother and aunt to the next-door neighbor. That feeling you receive when opening one is the equivalent of a warm hug. And trust us when we say, just because it’s 2020 -- and you aren't Umbro clad sitting on a bunk bed -- that same feeling will wash over you when opening one today. 

  • They’re Much More Meaningful
  • With nostalgia comes the warm + fuzzies, and we realize this may be a bold statement but here it goes: nothing induces those as rapidly or effectively as a care package. From hand-written notes to items you know are specific to the occasion for which you are sending this box full of goodies -- there's a reason they’re called “care” packages. Nothing will tug at those heartstrings more. 

  • Did You Ever Say “Those Flowers Helped Me So Much”? 
  • Are flowers beautiful? Yes. Thoughtful? Absolutely. But are they … useful? Not so much. Another perk of the care package, aside from also being thoughtful, is they’re practical. And when it comes to gifts these days, wouldn’t you rather give (or receive!) something that gives you the same “aww, you shouldn’t have!” vibes, but that also doesn’t die in a few days and can actually improve your everyday life? Our thoughts exactly.  

  • They Almost Always Have Food in Them 
  • Um, hello! Who doesn’t want food in their care packages? From meals to snacks, that’s pretty much the best part of the gift -- and definitely what enhances that impeccable personal-meets-practical combo. And in almost every care package from the dawn of time, one of those edible additions is something sweet like, say, chocolate chip cookies. 

  • They’re Actually Easy to Send Now 
  • Let’s dive into the logistics now, shall we? Back in the day, sending a care package was just plain annoying. From finding the right way to pack the box and keep its items fresh and protected, to the inevitable long wait at the post office -- a lot of effort went into getting a box out the door. Not anymore! Now you can pack up all that warm and fuzzy feelings (along with all the trinkets and treats, of course) without leaving your sofa; this includes sending a video of yourself -- right from your phone! -- along with it. 

    Welcome to the new age of care package sending.