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After more than a decade in the catering industry, Food Not Flowers founder Brandon Bruce wanted to fill another void  this time, an emotional one. More specifically, the feeling behind why people send food as gifts.

“Finding a gift for someone during a big life moment  new baby, new home, surgery or bereavement  isn't easy,” explains Bruce. “And while thoughtful, flowers aren't practical. And practical gifts don’t tend to give you the warm fuzzies.”

Enter Food Not Flowers: thoughtful and practical gifts for life’s big moments.

Food Not Flowers uses only quality, sustainable product — never frozen — making it easy to send fresh, healthy meals to people you care about…. wherever they are, whenever they need them. You can even send curated gift additions ranging from Bonsai Tree Kits and Five-Minute Journals to soy candles and craft chocolate.

“We not only want to celebrate big life moments, we want to feel part of them. As soon as you unwrap this box, it feels special  but it’s also convenient and something practical you could really use.

We don’t just send gifts  we send love.”